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Quality vs Quantity Workouts

Bodybuilding How To: Quality vs. Quantity Workouts

It’s common knowledge that growth is normally triggered by training. Logic would suggest that the more you train, the more you are going to experience muscle growth. However, this is not entirely true.

Doing countless sets and reps in the gym is not advisable, it will normally make you hit a plateau or put you in a state of overtraining. You can break down as much muscle as you want. However, if you lack the capacity to rebuild and recover, then you’re simply wasting energy and time in the gym.

What Builds Muscle?

Several body builders around the world insist on high volume when working out. Certain high volume workouts work well, like German Volume Training, this is on the condition that you can be able to withstand the physical and mental pain associated with it and you can recover properly.

You have probably heard people saying they are going to hit every muscle and every angle in the gym. If you know someone or you are one of those people who do 6 sets of four different curls, six sets of three different triceps exercises, or even eight sets of five chest exercises....Then you are over training. You’re doing too much. That is more of ‘Quantity Training’ which doesn’t always translate to results.

When it comes to workouts and bodybuilding, most people boast about the number of reps and sets they do. Some have even recorded themselves doing more than 500 reps, however this is unnecessary for most people.

As indicated earlier, muscle building and muscle growth come from rebuilding the muscle that was torn down in the gym. No matter how many sets or weights you lift, your gains in the gym will be determined by your recovery. If you don’t get enough sleep, if you don’t eat

Well or if you fail to eliminate stress, then you are wasting all your hard work in the gym.


There are certain things that can help you recover quickly and experience significant gains. The muscle you break down in the gym, the quality of food you eat, the stress levels, and the amount of rest you get all determine how you recover and your muscles build up and grow.

Consuming the right food varieties help you build as much muscle as possible through natural means. If you eat food for body fuel and add 300 calories during your work out days, you will build muscle at a much higher rate.

Other than eating the right food, sleep is of equal importance. The reason behind this is that your body recovers more when you are in deep sleep. Getting rid of stress is very important in your life. You need to find ways to remain calm and keep stress out of your life if you’re going to succeed in your weight lifting and bodybuilding.

Planning Your Workout

When you’re planning your workout, look at each set and each rep and think of a reason why you are doing it (bigger arms, fully chest, broader shoulder, etc). Instead of trying to overwork your already tired muscles, identify quality compound exercises, and combine them with good isolation movements.


If you want to get stronger and build muscle, you need to eat the right foods, sleep enough, and keep stress levels at a minimum. Remember that quality workouts are always better than multiple workouts, where you’ll only end up burning out and hitting a plateau.

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