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Sled Pulling Workouts

It is unfortunate that most of us who have ever seen an athlete using a sled that is either attached using a shoulder harness or a waist belt think the athlete is a sprinter and is doing only sprint training, but these sled pulling workouts are far more versatile.

A power-sled can be used effectively to mimic any sport however it is the use of the sled correctly which can involve the use of all body-parts to coordinate with explosive force which is a great addition to any workout routine designed to increase muscle mass. Training with a power-sled will not only increase explosive strength but will strengthen other often neglected stabilization muscles and help to balance the athlete.

Increasing resistance is never a problem as plates can be added to any sled to increase the weight to well over 200 pounds. If you always workout indoors then pulling a sled for a hard workout on a beautiful sunny day might be just the thing you need to completely rejuvenate your current training program.

There are two types of power-sled workouts that you can do and the first is to increase your power where you would be pulling the sled as hard as you can using good form getting the sled to slide along the ground as far as you can. The strength workout would use heavier weights while doing slow controlled movements.

The resistance can also be varied according to the surface that you pull the sled along, ranging from uneven ground to cement. The sled movements that you can do are endless but we will include a few starting with back, legs and biceps which you would do by adding some weight to the sled if you are already training with weights on a regular basis.

You would then face the sled and go into a normal squat to parallel and then quickly explode upward and then pull the sled towards you. As you row, always make sure that you lead using your elbows by pulling your hands to your ribs. Walk backwards a bit, collect the slack and then repeat the motion.

A great chest workout using a power-sled will be first taking up the slack of the sled with it behind you, then pulling on the two cables attached to the sled at about nipple height. You could do this movement explosively or you could do it slowly with some weight added for sustained contraction.

You can very effectively isolate anybody-part by simply changing the way that you use the sled as well as adding weights to the sled. One can isolate the whole body, from doing biceps and triceps, lower leg exercises and core abs movements. If you need to take a new look at your current workout routine by adding something different that you can do outside or you just want a different way to have a good workout the power-sled is a very useful alternative.

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